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Data Collection Participation Agreement and Profile


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Shadow Shoppe is a game developed to answer the following research question:
Create a game where the core mechanic is to rate the metadata labels of character body shapes.

These metadata labels include role, physical and psychological traits.

We will be collecting two forms of data:
1.      Perception data (players' ratings) during the game itself
2.      Simplified user profiles (age, gender, location) before the game commences

The main objective of this game would be to find out the profiles of the users who play this game and the kinds of stereotypes/traits that they associate with a particular character’s body shape. In this game, this is in the form of silhouettes.

By clicking “I agree” below, it means that you are giving us your consent to collect the perception data from you as a player and also to collect your simplified user profile information. You will be required to specify your gender and age before you can play our game. We do not require you to specify your name or address.

Please select your age, gender and country: