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2/20/07: Boston Postmortem

The Boston Postmortem is going to be held on Tuesday evening, Feb 20 at the Skellig in Waltham. These monthly informal gatherings are a great way to get to know the local professional game development community. I'll be joining other participants of the Boston Game Jam (conducted last month at The Education Arcade in building 10) in presenting the games that were built over 36 hours.

Let's try to arrange some sort of car pool. Hit the jump for the full details.

On a cold weekend in January, a bunch of Boston-area game developers got together with some students to hold the first-ever Boston Game Jam. The developers made eight small games in 36 hours. And now these very same folks are going to come together at the Boston Postmortem, show off their games, and relate to you the ups and downs of ultra-rapid development. Be sure to check out the official website at


  • Darius Kazemi, Turbine
  • Dan Roy, MIT Education Arcade
  • Kent Quirk, CogniToy
  • Max McGuire, Unknown Worlds
  • Al Reed, Demiurge
  • Alex Rice, Demiurge
  • Lincoln Quirk, Brown University CS Student
  • Eric Rosenbaum, MIT Education Arcade
  • Philip Tan, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab
  • Dave Ludwig, Funkitron
  • Darren Torpey, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Jonah Elgart, Independent
  • Duncan Watt, Fastestmanintheworld Music
  • Jim Ingraham, Solidworks
  • John Richardson, Emerson College New Media Student

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