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StarCraft live-action SIK Game

EDIT: Note the change of date! The game is now running on sunday.

Some old friends are running a SIK (Society for Interactive Killing) game on the MIT campus in two weeks. SIK games are a genre of live-action games run by the MIT Assassins' Guild. They're basically tactical indoor paintball, only with plastic discs and rubber darts instead of paint. Expect it to have lots of reasonably complicated mechanics, but it's a fun experiment in thinking about how computer game rules and systems would translate into a game where people are really running around.

Zerg vs. Protoss vs. Terrans! You played the computer game, now play the SIK game!

StarCraft will be running several short games in a single evening, giving people time to explore their favorite strategies in LARP format. It will run on Sunday 2/25, starting at 5pm.

Version 1.21 rules and stats are online at:

Fair warning: if you play, an Ultralisk may hit you with a boffer.

In case you've forgotten what it's all about, go check out...

StarCraft is written and GMed by Jake Beal, Jeff Cohen, and Joe Foley,
under the auspices of the MIT Assassin's Guild. Props and legal
trademark recognition to Blizzard.

To apply, answer the questions below and send to starcraft-gms (AT) Please respond by the night of Friday, Feb 16th. Thank you.

---------- Copy into an email and send to ----------


Have you played SIK games before?

How good are you at StarCraft?

Would you like to be...
...a team commander? (No shooting, lots of strategy and accounting)
...a supply officer? (Little shooting, lots of accounting)
...a squad leader? (Commander will be told you want tactical command)
...a bloke who shoots stuff? (No strategy, lots of guns)

What else should we know?



Aww -- that's the same day as


You can always observe the SIK game and head over to Multiplay later... just be sure to stay out of the way of the charging players and flying darts.

For anyone working on the MIT campus, I would recommend participating in an Assassins' Guild game at some time. The schedule is listed here.


The date for the SIK game has changed, so now you can participate in gaming events on both the 24th and the 25th!

No rest for the weary gamer...

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