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Wired News article on GAMBIT

Chris Kohler from Wired News wrote up an article about our initiative! We haven't announced the new GAMBIT name yet, so he's still using our unofficial tagline (Singapore-MIT International Game Lab) but it looks like all the details are accurate. He also mentions a number of other new game programs around the US, all focusing intently on the value of actually making games on top of in-depth studies of the medium. Very cool.

Wired News: Today's Homework: Make Good Games

Chalk one up for prodigious coincidences: someone wrote a comment to the article describing a desire to see games about the human body and electrons. I was the tech lead on Supercharged! and Eitan Glinert, a grad student in GAMBIT, was the project coordinator for Immune Attack. He also calls for government support - GAMBIT is supported by the Singapore government, and Maryland Public Television is working with MIT CMS's other game initiative, The Education Arcade. Unfortunately, we've always had a shoestring marketing budget, but by dedicating GAMBIT towards the development of playable, downloadable games, we're hoping to boost our word-of-mouth cachet and publisher appeal.

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