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OLPC Game Jam in Needham, MA, June 8-10 2007

Applications are due 11:59pm EST May 12. Apply here!

From the OLPC Game Jam website:

The OLPC Game Jam is a game design and programming event designed to encourage (simultaneously) experimentation and innovation in the game industry and kick off development of open-source games for the OLPC platform (the XO). A group of game developers will get together over a three-day period to make as many innovative games as possible for the laptop, which is being distributed to children in developing countries around the world. Our goal is not just some great games and experimentation for the XO Laptop but also to bring the unique constraints and output of this project to next years GDC Experimental Gameplay Workshop. Code will be released on SourceForge under the GNU General Public License so everyone can freely experiment with the source and games.

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