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This page contains all entries posted to GAMBIT in July 2007. They are listed from oldest to newest.

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Summer in Boston!

There's a widely-held belief that things in Boston slow down over the summer, as a huge percentage of the student population takes off for internships, vacations, and family reunions. While there is some truth to this, anyone who opens the door to the GAMBIT Lab will be instantly yanked out of whatever peaceful reverie they might have otherwise attained. Life in our lab is nuts.

The Summer 2007 teams have completed their first sprint, and last Friday we had an internal open house for each team to show off their progress. Most, if not all, of the teams had some playable demo out on the floor accompanied by tons of gorgeous concept art plastered up on the walls, and the lab was abuzz with cheers, hoots of laughter and a cacophony of game music and special effects, including thumping bass lines and cracking whips. Later in the afternoon, our musicians treated the rest of us to a mini-concert of their recent work, which was absolutely astonishing.

Since then, this week's highlights have included the addition of an electric guitar to the audio team's repertoire, visits from various lecturers and consultants, the so-close-we-can-taste-it final approach to moving into our own new offices, a group trip to catch Michael Bay's Transformers and, of course, Boston's Fourth of July fireworks display over the Charles River. The weather keeps yo-yoing up and down, alternating between cool and breezy and hot and sticky, but the energy levels in the lab are still off the charts. There is some seriously, seriously cool stuff percolating in here.

In the meantime, we've posted the first round of bios in our Credits section, including the primary investigators and some of the GAMBIT crew. Stay tuned, as we'll be adding more profiles in the next few weeks – not to mention more information on our games!

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