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Would You Like to Play a Game?

The first-ever GAMBIT summer session has just ended and the Singaporean students have all returned home, leaving those of us still Stateside with a some great memories, and, oh yes, the games! We're starting to post this summer's creations to our Load Game section for the world to download and try out.

Four of the summer's six games are now available:


AudiOdyssey is an experimental computer game designed to be accessible to both the visually impaired community and mainstream gamers. The user stars as Vinyl Scorcher, an up-and-coming DJ, on his quest to get club patrons dancing. Swinging the Wiimote to the beat, Vinyl lays down the various component tracks of a song, and keeps the party jumping. If he does an especially good job, he can even freestyle! But beware - if dancers get too rowdy, they're likely to bump into the turntables, messing up Vinyl's tracks. Think you have what it takes? (Rhythm, Windows)


Backflow is a cross between a casual-style action game and a multiplayer strategy game for mobile phones. In the game you take control of the waste disposal infrastructure for a city. It's your job to make sure each type of waste goes to the right place. (Multiplayer puzzle, J2ME)

The Illogical Journey of Orez

"Do you like Heroes and Bunnies together? I do! You know what else I like? The Illogical Journey of Orez, of course! I like it because it has giant mouths, and carrots and bunnies who watch television. Indeed this game may even teach you math (but you won't realize it until its too late!) Play now or you fail as a hero. Zero." (Puzzle, Windows)


Wiip places you in the role of Mustachio, a circus ringmaster beset by bombs, bunnies, and barrel-riding cats gone out of control! In this single-player action game, you swing your Wiimote like a whip to tame your animals. Snap it back at the right time to create devastating combos which clear the screen with stunning fireworks shows! How long can you survive against the Three-Ring Swarm? (Action, Flash + Wiimote)

Keep checking back as we'll make more of the summer's games available for you to try, and please don't hesitate to send us feedback ( gambit-inquiries AT mit DOT edu ). Let the games begin!

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