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Friday Games @ GAMBIT: Horror
Today, as with every Friday, GAMBIT is hosting a little game + chat party in our offices!

Every Friday from 3:30 to at least 5, we grab a pile of games grouped around a similar theme and plug 'em in and let 'em whirl! It's open to our friends, which includes you, dear reader!

Today, in honor of Halloween, our theme is HORROR!
(cue shriek)

All eras that we can run we include, and we do a decent job of rotating players so everybody gets a chance-- no leet skillz required. It's tough to be comprehensive on a Friday afternoon, but the idea is to use that weird thing 'gameplay' as a starting point for conversations about games, instead of the usual glut of theories or screenshots or vague memories of how a game might have played oh-so-many years ago.

Plus there are cookies. Cookies make conversation better.

So today, at 3:30, come on by! Witness the madness, the drama, the terror that is MIT video-game horror!

(Pyramid head illustration ganked from here)

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