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GAMBIT Singapore Open House

Last Friday, we had a Open House for the GAMBIT Singapore Lab, where we invited guests from the government, industry and academia to come down and see what we were doing at the lab in the afternoon, and then the previous GAMBIT generation and some friends during the evening for a reunion. It was a very very busy day, decorating (and cleaning up) the lab in the morning, showcasing the games in the afternoon and getting some valuable testing feedback, and then catching up with everyone at night. You can view the pictures at the Flickr blog.

In the afternoon. we showcased the original versions of AudiOdyssey, Wiip and Backflow, as at the end of the MIT summer program, as well as the new and improved versions of Wiip and Backflow. We also showed off the first playable of our new XBLA game, CarneyVale: Showtime. Backflow now has its multiplayer component removed, but expanded single-player gameplay, including a new UI, improved music, and streamlined scoring. Wiip now is shifting to an arcade-style game, with simpler controls and a timer-based scoring system. And Showtime continues to impress people, though a couple of industry guys managed to break our ragdoll character within a few minutes of play.

In the evening, many of the old GAMBIT generation came back for a visit, including those who have just graduated from polytechnics, those who are currently working (including GAMBIT's now-famous new couple), and those who are still studying. Almost two-thirds of the last generation of GAMBIT students came for a visit to the lab, and it was a good time to catch up with what everyone was doing. And now, back to work...

Or, in the words of Warcraft II's infamous Peon: "Work work..."



Great photos... whose Pinky Street figurines are those?


Hehe... actually, our admin assistant, Maureen, bought those to decorate the game room. Props to anyone who can name all 7 figurines. :-)


Chun Li and Sakura are the easiest...

On April 4, 2008 at 12:14 PM, Vipin Gupta Author Profile Page said:

Hi Joshua,

My name is Vipin, I am a senior in ECE at NUS, Singapore. I missed the meeting last week. I would like to request you to please provide me with more information on 2008 GAMBIT Summer Internship Program.

My email is



I see Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury / KoF.

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