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AudiOdyssey in the press, with a quick correction

It's been a busy week for GAMBIT – in addition to our preparations for this summer's wave of students, we've also been getting a lot of buzz in the press about one of last year's games, AudiOdyssey. The game has already gotten some good press from WIRED, CNN, the Game Career Guide and Gamasutra, but now we're also getting attention from CNET, Wii Fanboy and a whole host of others. Definitely not a bad way to start the summer!

There is one thing we'd like to clarify, though. Although AudiOdyssey was developed to use the Wii controllers, it is not a game for the Wii – it's a game developed in Flash to run on PCs. It would definitely be cool to have the game show up on the Wii at some point, but the AudiOdyssey folks are currently focusing their attention on new projects. Watch this space for possible announcements about said projects later this year!

Other places talking up AudiOdyssey around teh Intarwebs include:

For more information on AudiOdyssey, check out our earlier blog post profiling the game. For screenshots, a trailer, credits, system requirements and downloading instructions, please see the AudiOdyssey homepage in our Load Game section.

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