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Backflow on Singapore's National Day official website!

Zul, the Scrummaster for Backflow at GAMBIT, writes:

Backflow, the addictive pipe-switching puzzle game conceptualised and prototyped at the 1st Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab Summer program in June-August 2007 has been going through a major makeover at the Singapore Lab since March 2008 and our online demo is currently being featured on Singapore's National Day website, where users can play a 2-level demo online. They can even download it to their phones for free or get the full game at $2.99 via our website at

Channel Newsasia has been very supportive as well by having our game demo featured at their environmental awareness campaign website.

Since March 2008 we have been further developing the 5-level prototype into 15 levels and 3 difficulty modes of crazy pipe-switching experience. After completing the 15 levels, you'll earn medals and unlock the challenge mode where you lose power-ups one at a time leaving you to rely on pure pipe-switching skills to rise up the ranks. The final challenge is a brain-twisting level where the recycle bins will be randomized and turned black, and sorting will be done by memory.

We also included a survival mode where you choose any one of the 15 levels and play through increasing difficulty until you drop to compete for the highscores which you can then choose to submit online to compete with other players. You may also challenge a friend in our turn-based versus mode!

We have just completed playtesting fresh players and will be porting the game to more phones very soon... In the meantime, here's our trailer:

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