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Introducing Phorm!
(Here to introduce our last game from the summer of 2008 is product owner Daniel Vlasic.)

Phorm is the first game where players create their character using free-form modeling. They are not limited to a set of pre-canned components such as certain types of legs, wings, or heads. Instead, they can draw any shape, after which the game embeds a human skeleton into it and makes it move appropriately. The shape of a drawn character defines its in-game characteristics – thin characters with long legs can jump high and move quickly, while heavy characters with large arms can punch strongly. The player uses these properties to solve a set of puzzles and help the main character Osmo get home. Even without following the storyline, it is fun to sketch and watch your creations come to life. The team worked extremely well together to bring this concept to a high state of polish. Enjoy.

(Phorm is now available to download at

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