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What can you do after GAMBIT?

One of the questions at the top of our FAQ list is, "What will I be able to do after GAMBIT?"

The answer? Plenty. Many of GAMBIT's students in both the United States and Singapore go on to land jobs and/or internships in the video game industry. Here's a short list of examples:

  • Chris Casiano (Elementalyst) went on to work as a game designer at Midway
  • Alec Austin (TenXion) landed a job at EA
  • Kristina Drzaic (The Illogical Journey of Orez) went on to 2K Australia
  • Jamie Jones (gunPLAY, Elementalyst, Neurotrance, The Illogical Journey of Orez) worked at Pipeworks (still studying at MIT)
  • Sarah Sperry (gunPLAY) interned at Activision (still studying at GAMBIT)
  • Mark Grimm (Elementalyst, TenXion) is now working at Harmonix
  • Justin Moe (gunPLAY) went on to EA
  • Karena Tyan (Ochos Locos) went on to EA
  • Trey Reyher (Ochos Locos, Neurotrance, Wiip) worked at Demiurge (still studying at MIT)
  • Erek Speed (gunPLAY, Neurotrance) worked at Square-Enix (still studying at MIT)
  • Neal Grigsby (Backflow) started up his own company,
  • Eitan Glinert (AudiOdyssey, Muzaic) started up his own company, Firehose Games
  • Sharat Bhat (Oozerts, Ochos Locos, Elementalyst, The Illogical Journey of Orez) went with Eitan to Firehose Games
  • Dominic Chai (AudiOdyssey) joined Mikoishi
  • Yeo Jingying (AudiOdyssey) also joined Mikoishi
  • Donny Kristianto (The Illogical Journey of Orez) is now working at the Singapore Media Development Authority
  • Zhou Xuanming (Wiip) joined Boomzap
  • Paviter Singh (AudiOdyssey) went on to Sonoport
  • Edmund Teo (Wiip) landed a gig at TQ Global
  • Le Minh Duc (The Irrational Journey of Orez) joined EON Reality, Inc.

And let's not forget the Singaporean students that went on to work at the GAMBIT Singapore Lab: Zulkifli Salleh (Backflow), Chen RenHao (Backflow), Joshua Wong (Wiip), Desmond Wong (Wiip), Jason Wang (TakeOut!), and Bruce Chia (AudiOdyssey).

So, what can you do after GAMBIT? From the looks of things, a lot.



William Hutama? He is also working at GAMBIT Singapore now.

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