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GAM3RS the Play: A one-man show about the secret lives of gamers

Some folks from GAM3RS the Play visited the GAMBIT lab today. Their production will be performed at the MIT Museum (map) for two nights:

March 13, Friday 8 p.m.
March 14, Saturday 8 p.m.

Doors open at 7 and the event is free! The hour-long show will be followed by a half-hour discussion with the actor and writers about gaming and the theatre. Try to arrive early so you can get a good seat!


Work sucks for tech-support operator Steve Jaros. He's overqualified, underpaid, and around-the-clock dealing with vacuous customers, a Medusa-like boss, and an arrogant cubicle mate. But what they all don't know about Steve is that he is about to save an entire kingdom from death at the hands of their murdering neighbors. He is about to lead an army of thousands into a dangerous land to take back their source of power. He is about to become the most powerful warrior ever to live among men . . . online. With the help of a blue dwarf, a dark sorceress, and a disobedient page-boy, Steve (a.k.a. Boreus the White Knight) must lead his people to victory over the elven kingdom while answering phones and hiding his true identity from his patrolling supervisor. Can Steve successfully live in fantasy and reality at the same time?

From the Brian Bielawski, the lead of the play:

I feel that most of the magic is there because GAM3RS is based on my family. Entirely. (Think about all the implications of that as you watch it.) The rest of the magic comes from the whole gaming population for whom it was written. Long considered "weird" or "immature," gamers often get the short-end of the social stick. I created this piece to show that maybe, just maybe, gamers operate on a higher mental plane where the limits of the body and the "real world" are overthrown by the imagination. I have to think that way. After all, I'm one of them.

From Gregory Wilson,,

Brian Bielawski and Walter G. Meyer get so much right about the life of a gaming geek, here embodied in the character Steve (played believably by Bielawski), an MIT dropout who rules the universe of an online role-playing game and works a real life tech support job to support his virtual one, that the non-gaming members of the audience which find his behavior so bizarrely funny would probably be shocked to learn how accurate the portrayal actually is. What's fun about this show is that it packs more inside gamer/techie/webhead jokes into an hour than seems possible without leaving the 'outsider' part of the audience behind, and thus everyone gets to have a good time. Both gamers and non-gamers alike will enjoy its humor.

Contact Brian Bielawski for more details.

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