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Introducing Sc-rum'pet: The Om-Nom Adventures
Today we are announcing the release of a new game for download: Sc-rum'pet: The Om-Nom Adventures. Sc-rum'pet is a one-button game in which the player guides a space alien named Sc-rum'pet through various challenges in a quest to earn his wings (because, ya know, aliens need their wings).

The core concept for Sc-rum'pet is quite simple. Sc-rum'pet travels through space based on magnetism, being either attracted to or repelled from objects based on polarity. The player controls polarity with a single button, and must switch polarity at the right moments to guide Sc-rum'pet through a level. That's about all there is to it.

There are 21 levels in Sc-rum'pet: The Om-Nom Adventures. It was developed all in-house by GAMBIT students over the past two semesters. Please download the game or play it in your browser and let us know what you think!

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