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Last Chance Open House and Focus Testing: July 30th, 2009!

More Games! More Opinions! More Munchies!

(Well, actually, the same six games that showed at the last open house.. but, now with
two more weeks of work - and they've been very busy weeks!)

When: July 30th, 6 PM to 8 PM
Where: The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, 5 Cambridge Center, 3rd
Floor (aka MIT NE25, 3rd Floor)
(Please introduce yourselves as visitors to GAMBIT in the lobby when you arrive.)

On Thursday, the 30th, please come to our Summer GAMBIT Game Lab Open House, play one or all of six games in development, and give us your opinions! We'll be testing the initial candidates for the release version at the Open House - help us find our ship stopping bugs while the teams still have a chance to fix them!

Feel free to drop by any time between 6:00 and 8:00 to play our games, but arriving earlier will give you the chance to play more games. We do close the lab at 8:00 to let our staff head home after a long day on the job.

One of our games this year is targeted at children aged 12 - 17; we could especially use testers in that age range, if any of you have children and would like to bring them. If you do bring children to test, please contact us before hand, so we can send you a parent/guardian consent form. If you decide to come at the last minute, that's fine too, but before your child plays any games, please contact a member of the GAMBIT staff, so we can give you a consent form to sign.

Please RSVP to gambit-qa(at)mitdotedu, so that we will know how many people are intending to come. We look forward to seeing you!

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