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Lost in Translation

Many of our summer games have been getting some great press, about which we are very excited. Since half of our lab is in Singapore, a good amount of that press is not in English.

Waker and the Poof team got a terrific write up in Lianghe Zaobao, one of Singapore's largest Chinese language newspapers - photo, caption, the whole shebang!

Chuang Xuejin, the Poof producer, was kind enough to offer a self-admitted "bad translation" to English, and best of all, photo-shopped it into the original format for the paper! We at the Cambridge lab were left laughing, shaking our heads, and wondering aloud, "Arial?" Great work Poofers, and, uh, thanks for the translation Xuejin.

Take a look below:

Lianhe Zaobao_5Sep09_Pg11.jpg

Lianhe Zaobao_5Sep09_Pg11 ENGLISH.jpg



Oh be nice. Not everyone's got the time and energy to be a font snob. :)

Cute picture. Xuejin got a new haircut!

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