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Game engine survey!

The Game Engine Survey is a UROP project to test different game engines and evaluate the pros and cons of each. We will be working with Visual3d, Unity3d, and TorqueX.

I've been playing around with Unity recently. It seems like it has a lot of useful functions, but they're not always easy to find. The website's video tutorials are helpful, but they really just cover the basics, and sometimes leave out useful functions that the makers of the tutorial presumably took for granted. For example, in some of the videos, the scene view shows the environment from the same perspective as the game view--which it would be nice to know how to do, except that the tutorials don't seem to mention it. Also, the script documentation has at least one inaccuracy: they claim that the output from print statements appears at the top of the page, by the play/pause/step buttons, when in fact it appears at the bottom.

The script functionality seems fairly well-documented, once you get around the obstacle of writing in C# when the manual uses JavaScript. I'm still figuring out all the functions, so more on that later.

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