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Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Waker, Woosh


Rock, Paper, Shotgun wrote a while back a nice little article about Waker and Woosh.

Highlights for us included:

Well, the initial thought was "Surely they've screwed up the experiment by announcing the experiment". Since this isn't blind - each of the games feature the explaination of the concept beneath - you're approaching the games thinking about what's there or not. The responses are going to have that in mind. In fact, this sort of thing is much more the approach someone making games-for-arts-sake would take. Except GAMBIT aren't those sort of people.

Abstract isn't that abstract. The ability for us to force our lives - our narratives - into inanimate objects, especially when we're in control, is an interesting facet about humanity (Cross-ref: The Companion Cube - though that has a lot of narativist tricks forced on it to tart it up).
In other words, as an experiment, conceptually flawed. As a game, both are pretty sweet.

It is a great article, followed by a nice (and funny) comment conversation.

Can't say we agree with everything, all the same, we are really excited that people are talking about these games.

Check it out. Then come back for more GOTW stuff tomorrow.

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