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Some thoughts from a Product Owner

Waker and Woosh had research provided by MIT's Education Arcade. The product owner's for the game were Scot Osterweil, Lan Xuan Le, Eric Klopfer, and Tim Marsh. Here is what Tim had to say after seeing the final version of the game:

Waker is a puzzle-based game wrapped in a narrative about a child's broken dream. Gameplay is thought-provoking, stimulating and fun but also creates a pleasant level of frustration that encourages the player - from beginner to experienced gamer - to continue playing to figure out how to build pathways and journey through levels of the dream world. Waker's artwork and music are equally compelling. The beautifully graded color and the simple, almost minimalist and somewhat stylized abstract background artwork is pleasing to the eye and peaceful to look at, and instead of competing for your attention, complements features and mechanics associated with gameplay and narrative. The subtle and uplifting music is reminiscent of contemporary art house film scores with repeating loops and rhythms creating another dimension that helps keep you in the game. In summary, the blend of the gameplay, artwork and music is a winning formula that draws the player in and encourages them to continue to play. But the ingenious twist is that Waker is a game for learning - to help learn about velocity and acceleration associated with topics in physics. The beauty of this game is that you wouldn't know it was a game for learning unless someone told you.

See you in a few.

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