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Someone Else's Thoughts

Mike Darga wrote a fantastic blog post about Waker, and we were very excited for his feedback and that he took the time to analyze our game.

We asked if Mike would be interested in writing a little paragraph about Waker for our "Game of the Week" spectacular and this is what he offered:

Game developers are constantly trying to convince ourselves that game design is an art, and so far this has done nothing but waste a lot of time and energy. It's refreshing to see a group of people treat game design as a science, and evaluating their games in such an objective manner. I hope Waker/Woosh inspire more people to analyze games, which will help us to better define which elements are and aren't important, successful, and fun.

Thanks for the words Mike, and please everyone hop over to his blog, Mike Darga's Game Design Blog, to read some more interesting stuff.

Also, check back soon for more awesomeness.

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