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MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

The MIT UROP program celebrates its 40th anniversary this month on October 29th! What's a UROP you ask? It's more than just another MIT acronym. It stands for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. The program is designed to provide undergraduates the opportunity to contribute to vital and cutting-edge research during their studies at MIT as research assistants, via direct funding from the UROP office, sponsored funding from MIT departments, labs, and centers, or for credit. Amazingly, many students supplement their already large course load with hours working on research with MIT faculty and research staff.

The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab has hired all of its MIT (plus 1 Wellesley and 1 Harvard) student game developers through MIT's UROP program. Since the lab began developing game prototypes in 2007, we have employed 46 undergraduate students each semester, IAP period, and summer (many of whom multiple times) to work on our games and research projects. In the lab today, 23 MIT undergrads are working on projects as UROPs (yes, acronyms at MIT can apply to people too!). Many of these students are new this semester and do not yet have a development credit to their name; this will change come December when we publish their work from the Fall. Some of the students graduating in 2010 will have worked with us through all four years of their undergraduate career!

I would like to express my thanks to both the MIT UROP Office for their work with providing research opportunities to MIT undergraduates and the 46 undergraduates who have worked with us these past three years. These students have been the heart and soul of the US Lab - serving as a valuable constant (of quality, of morale) as the lab transitions each year from Fall to IAP to Spring to the Summer program and to the next year.

Information about applying for a UROP with us and a list of our past and current UROPs are after the break!

There are two summers, four semesters, and two IAP periods left in the GAMBIT program, ample time to hire another 46 undergraduates!

If you are an MIT undergraduate, or eligible to be hired via the MIT UROP program, please contact Rik Eberhardt at gambit-request at mit dot edu. We are full for the Fall semester, but hire again in December and January for IAP and Spring 2010. More information about our UROP program can be found in the Join Game section of our website.

Three Years of Game Developers and Research Assitants from MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

* denotes students currently working with us
Laura Boylan 2007
Brendan Callahan 2007-2008
Chris Casiano 2007
Ben Decker 2007
Mark Grimm 2007
Mandie Holmes 2007
Jonathan Johnson 2007
Jamie Jones 2007-2009
Estevan "Milo" Martinez 2007
Kenny Peng 2007-2008
Trey Reyher 2007-2009
Erek Speed 2007-2008
*Mark Sullivan III 2007-2009
Steven Bartel 2007-2009
Sarah Sperry 2007-2009
*Alexis Brownell 2008-2009
Jeremy Flores 2008-2009
*Jennifer Fu 2008-2009
*Nina Guo 2008-2009
Dustin Katzin 2008
Curtis Liu 2008
Anna Loparev 2008-2009
Clara Rhee 2008
*Nick Ristuccia 2008-2009
*Jose Soto 2008-2009
Jim Wilberger 2008
*Stephie Wu 2008-2009
*Eyas Alsharaiha 2009
Alfred Ciffo 2009
Joshua Campoverde 2009
*Genevieve Conley 2009
Claxton Everett 2009
*Bianca Farrell 2009
*Adalberto "Nick" Garza 2009
*Monica Gallegos 2009
*Naomi Hinchen 2009
*Ben Jones 2009
*Caryn Krakauer 2009
*Michael Lin 2009
Alison Malouf 2009
Yuanyuan Pao 2008-2009
*Ruben Perez 2008-2009
*Emily Pittore 2009
*Jeremy Rossmann 2009
*Fidel Sosa 2009
Jennifer Swann 2009
*Alec Thomson 2009
*Ian Wolfe 2009
*Maja Wichrowska 2009
*Mark Zhang 2009

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