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1/8/10: MIT Admissions announces MIT: THE GAME(JAM)

Bored during IAP? Want to help create something awesome for MIT Admissions? Need a little practice for the Global Game Jam?

The MIT Office of Admissions will be hosting MIT: THE GAME(JAM) during the first weekend of IAP, Jan 8-10, 2010. Come join Admissions staff and other students for a fun and highly caffeinated weekend creating entertaining games for the Admissions Office. At the end of the session, we'll have a big awards ceremony, crown someone the king or queen (or team) GameJammer, and then feature everyone's creations on the MIT blogs and a soon-to-be-created MIT Facebook page. Additionally, the top team (as voted by peers) will win $100!

Learn about coding, have some fun, be creative, and help out the nice folks who let you in to this madhouse all at the same time!


Friday, 4-6 PM: Optional meet and greet, install site-licensed software, free food!
Saturday, 10AM-10PM: code, code, code!
Sunday, 10-AM-10PM: code, code, code, awards!

Free food and drink and snacks will be provided to keep code monkeys munching throughout. Bring your laptops, get game design software installed by IS&T types, and we'll be ready to rumble!

More details here!

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