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Now Accepting Applications: The 2010 GAMBIT Summer Program!

Applications accepted until January 14th - Apply Now!

What is the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Summer Program?
The Summer Program at GAMBIT brings together students from Singapore, MIT, and other New England institutions to work on video games used for research at the lab. The program runs for nine weeks, from June 7th to August 8th, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

For further details, click here to go to our Summer Program page.

Who should apply?
We need interns to serve as: Artists, Audio Designers, Game Designers, Producers, Programmers, and Quality Assurance (Testing) Leads. Students currently enrolled in a Singaporean institution are eligible, and those with relevant skills, experiences, and course backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Applicants must also be at least 18 years old by June 2010.

How to apply:
All applicants must fill out and return the General Application and a copy of their resume on or before January 14th, 2010. Download the application from this site, and email the completed form to gambitsummer AT gmail DOT com. Include a version of your resume in the same email. Applicants for positions as artists or audio designers must also include a portfolio (details below), and programmer applicants need to complete and return our initial code test.

Once the general applications are received and processed, secondary tests will be sent out, due on January 29th, 2010. Not all positions require a secondary test, so not all applicants will receive one. After the tests are received and graded, interviews will be scheduled individually, but will likely occur in the second half of February and early March, with offers for positions being sent out in March.

Click here to download the General Application.

(Includes portfolio requirements and resume advice.)

Click here to download the Code Test, Part 1. (
Extract the files; instructions are included in the zip folder under the name "Read Me First - ProgrammerTestPhase1"

Artist and Audio Designer Portfolios:
As mentioned above, applicants for Artist and Audio Designer positions must submit an portfolio along with their General Application. Portfolio CDs or DVDs are also due by or on January 14th, and should be delivered to:

Maureen Chew
Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab
100 Beach Road, #23-07/13, Shaw Tower
Singapore 189702

Artist Portfolio Submission Instructions
Your portfolio should consist of between 10 and 20 examples of any type of two- or three-dimensional work you have completed recently. We suggest that your work reflect your interests, experience and abilities in the arts to date. It may be in any media, may be finished or in sketch form, and may be self-directed or from an assigned class project.
Your portfolio must be reproduced on a CD or DVD. We will not accept work posted on a website as your portfolio submission.

Each image should be submitted as a separate file in .jpg format. Individual file sizes should not exceed 3MB. Please do not affix any adhesive labels to your CD/DVD.

Time-based work or performance pieces may be submitted in video format or as QuickTime files on a CD or DVD.

Include a work description sheet. Number the examples you are submitting and on your description page list the corresponding number, medium, size, date of completion and title for each work. You should also include a contact sheet/thumbnail page of the images on your disk.

Please note: it is very important that your full name and address are clearly noted on your CD/DVD and your description and thumbnail pages.

Please note that we cannot accept physical original artwork, as these materials will not be returned to you.

Audio Designer Portfolio Submission Instructions
Please send us a portfolio of your best work on either a CD or a DVD. Include a brief description of each asset, describing what you were trying to accomplish when you created it. While we will accept audio designed for any medium, keep in mind that this is part of an application for a video game audio position. Things that would be particularly relevant are

  • Different types of audio (e.g. looping music, sound effects, voice)
  • Interactive samples (any games or software that use your audio assets)
  • Breadth in style (e.g. whimsical kids game, epic fantasy RPG, and serious war game)

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