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GAMBIT UROP Opportunities Open House, Friday, December 11th from 4-6pm

GAMBIT is now hiring current MIT students for a potential 16 positions for the MIT IAP session (Jan 5 through 31).

WHEN: Friday DECEMBER 11th, 4-6pm
WHERE: NE25, 3rd Floor.

I invite you all to attend a meet and greet with the researchers at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11th, from 4pm to 6pm.

Each semester of the school year, we bring in student research assistants via MIT's UROP program along with students from some of the other regional colleges to assist our researchers with their work. This can range from helping a researcher collect data or create a tool for data collection, creating a game based on existing research, enhancing a game we already have, or creating tools or middleware for use with future game development.

Here are brief descriptions of the projects we'll be working on and the number and type of positions available on each:

Physics Deformation Library
Creation of a wrapper in C# for Unity 3D for existing research, plus a tech demo/game to prove that it works.
2 Programmers. Skills: C#, Unity

Glove/Hand Tracking Library
Creation of a wrapper in C# for Unity 3D for existing research, plus a tech demo/game to prove that it works.
2 Programmers. Skills: C#, Unity

Dream Logic Modeling Game
Creation of digital prototypes based on research into game puzzle logic and existing paper prototypes created this past summer.
2-3 Programmer/Designers. Skills: One or more of Java/Processing/Flash/Unity, writing Interactive Fiction

PAX Booth Game
Creation of an analog or digital prototype of an ARG/location-based game that will be played at PAX East in Boston in March 2010.
1 Programmer/Designer, and 1 Designer. Skills: PHP/Ruby/C#, experience in iterative design of game prototypes

Windows Mobile Sensor-based Game
Creation of a tech demo/game for the Windows Mobile platform using an existing library for accelerometer-style sensors.
2 Programmers. Skills: programming for Windows Mobile

The Sophocles Project
Design for a web site and blog for an ongoing research project.
1 Artist, 1 Web Designer/Developer. Skills: HTML, PHP, Movable Type, Illustration, Web Design

Abandon 2.0
Creation of new art assets for levels we created this Fall, and integration of them into the game. The previous version of this game can be found at
1 Artist, 1 Programmer. Skills: Python, Panda3D, Illustration

Level creation for an existing game based on the Boston Molasses Disaster.
1 Programmer, 1 Level Designer. Skills: C#, TorqueX, Unity, level design

We pay the same rate as the UROP direct funding pay rate (about $9.35/hour) or credit, and are looking for people able to work 20-30 hours per week during the IAP period as well as work 10 hours/week in the Spring semester. Please still apply if you can only work during the IAP period - some of our projects will only last during this month.

PLEASE EMAIL Rik Eberhardt ( with the type of position you are interested in, a brief statement of intent why you are able to fill this position, and your availability for both the IAP (Jan 5 through Jan 31) period and the Spring (Feb 1 through May 15) period.

More information about work for the Spring period will be sent later this month.

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