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White House Needs Food Games Badly!

Paula Silver from Beyond the Box Productions directed me to this web and mobile game competition from the White House! (Technically, it's from the Office of Science & Technology Policy, or OSTP.)

Last week, as part of the Open Government Initiative, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the Department of Agriculture (USDA) would launch the Innovations for Healthy Kids Game Challenge, a national contest for the development of creative nutrition games that motivate kids to make healthy food choices. In the spirit of openness, we want to engage all of you in designing the Challenge for success. The Innovations for Healthy Kids Challenge hopes to harness the creativity and ingenuity of the American people to promote the growth and healthy development of our youth. [snip] We know that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the power of digital games to help children learn and develop healthy eating habits. Given the immense potential, we are looking to you to help us design the contest to elicit the very best nutrition games from developers across the country. In particular, there are four questions where we would greatly appreciate your feedback between now and January 6, 2010.
  1. Target Audience
  2. Timeline
  3. Criteria for Success
  4. Outreach

Remember, don't shoot the food. Send your feedback and find out more information on OSTP's blog!

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