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IAP 2010: BattleCode registration is open!

Have you ever wanted to win eternal glory? Here's your chance.

Last year, the Evil Lord Mordemort was foiled by gtg ice skating lessons and was locked up in Android Detention Asteroid X-16. However, the Evil Prof. Mordemort has escaped!

Now, the Good Guys™ are looking for adventurous coders to join the fight against Mordemort. The Good Guys™ are offering one or more of the following:

  • New Units and Weapons
  • Free Food
  • 6 Units of Credit
  • Cool t-shirts
  • Improving your programming and coding skills
  • More than $40,000 in prizes
  • Ability to impress corporate sponsors
  • Eternal Glory

Check out for more details. Registration for a chance to win eternal glory is now open.

The 6.370 BattleCode programming competition is a unique challenge that combines battle strategy, software engineering and artificial intelligence. In short, the objective is to write the best player program for the computer game BattleCode.

BattleCode, developed for 6.370, is a real-time strategy game. Two teams of robots roam the screen managing resources and attacking each other with different kinds of weapons. However, in BattleCode each robot functions autonomously; under the hood it runs a Java virtual machine loaded up with its team's player program. Robots in the game communicate by radio and must work together to accomplish their goals.

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