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Maya Issues

Currently I am trying to import the maya assets from Abandon into Visual3D. This doesn't seem to be a complicated process at all, except for the fact that I have no idea what I am doing. Any artist would be able to figure this out, but I'm completely lost trying to navigate around Maya. I think that I need to export the mesh with the animations into Orge format, but I can't seem to get the animations to go with the mesh and skeleton.

I need the animations so that my character will move (it doesn't move without an animation for some reason).

If I got that working, the game would actually look pretty similar to abandon. The only things I would need to add would be enemy behavior (which may be complicated) and a way to import levels with text files (which should be pretty easy). After that, it's just a few tweaks until the level looks pretty close to the original game.

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