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So, though a hack I managed to get the main character to finally see enemies.

The problem I was having was that when I tried to create the main character in a way that allowed their perception to work, it wouldn't show the model (I have no idea why).

So my workaround was to create an invisible triggered area that had a spotlight in it. The triggered area follows the hero around so that it looks like the hero has perception themselves.

The only problem with this is that the area constantly triggers on the hero (every frame), so I can fix that in two ways.
1) Hope that it doesn't create any lag (which it doesn't right now) and just take care of that case with an if statement.
2) Change it so that the hero is the only thing percepting, so that I can make the hero non-perceptible. I'm not sure however, how this will affect AI. Hopefully AI won't rely on perception of creatures for path-finding and the like.

So, right now my play is to go with 1 until I see any problems. Since it works right now, there's no reason to mess with it as there's not much semester left and there are probably more important things for me to spend my time on.

My next step is to actually make the interactions between the hero and the enemies.

I also looked a little into the AI system and am confused. There seem to be a number of ways to do it, both through the GUI with scripts and code in Visual Studio. The tutorials on the subject seem to be up to date, although I haven't tested them yet so I can't be sure.

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