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Leaf Cutter Ants: The Board Game!

Under-slept, over-exited, and inspired by caffeine, I decided to make a board game based on leaf cutter ants. With a (kinda) twist: one of the players is an impostor! This actually happens in ant colonies, other insects or even other types of ants will live in colonies, mimicking the ant's chemical signature to pass as the local ants, and partaking in destructive behavior.

In a slightly cartoon-ified take on this phenomenon, what might an impostor with the colony's worst interests at heart do? It might set misleading scent trails or erase existing ones. It might take food for itself. It might frolic with parasites and introduce them into the colony. It might dig towards a water source to flood the colony. It might kill ants if there are no witnesses. I might eat more than its fair share. It might be all around unpleasant.

So how to turn this into a board game? I took the model of Shadows over Camelot, a game where the players must compete against the game. This model works well for a game that takes place in an ant colony

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