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On to AI...

Currently (besides looking very different), the game behaves very much like Abandon besides some small differences. Collisions and enemy wake-ups now work, and enemies will die as well as hurt the player when hit.

The actual attack and damage interactions were very easy to implement, as combat is essentially built into the base Avatar classes.

Another element that was implemented was the dynamic spotlight. When the player is damaged the light changes size in accordance to the player's health. The change in light also affects its sensors size, so a smaller light will have a smaller sensor radius.

The next step is to implement basic AI. All that it will be at first is an enemy heading towards the player's location with no path-finding to avoid walls or other obstacles.

So far I can see two possibilities. I have created a script in the GUI, but I can't seem to figure out how to call it from the C# code and cause an enemy to perform it. The problem with doing it in the GUI is that enemies are created from text files, and are not dragged into the scene by the GUI. So the script would have to be added to the enemy object itself from the GUI. Hopefully this will be relatively straight forward.

The other option is to do it all from the C# code, which seems like a lot more work, but might be the only way to do it in code.

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