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Friday Games at GAMBIT: Global Game Jam 2010

This week, we will be demonstrating games from all over the world created by the 2010 Global Game Jam! Including:

Flixel Logo

... and any others that people recommend!

Based on the success of Matt's and Darius' presentations last year, we're going to start scheduling speakers for every Friday to talk about some game in-depth. Don't expect a dry, academic Powerpoint presentation; more likely, we'll just be geeking out about our favorite (or least favorite) game of some given genre. We may be entirely wrong, but we will be entirely passionate.

This week, I'll rant a bit about Flixel, the ActionScript 3.0 game engine used by my Global Game Jam team, describe how it really wasn't the right engine for our game, and how we managed to get it to work anyway. I'll probably start around 5:30pm.

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