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Friday Games: Marathon Kick-Off

Oh crap. It's on.

The Complete Game-Completion Marathon is coming up this weekend so we are gonna have a sweet kick-off party. Help us send our marathoners off with a good ole' fashioned, Texas high-school pep-rally inspired, cookie, soda and streamer filled, rim-rocking, lid-liftin', rollickin' kick-off bash.

If you haven't already, check out the website for the marathon. You can read about all the teams and check the schedule so you can be sure not to miss all the action via webcam.

Teams of players are gonna start marathoning at 6PM, so they'll need plenty of encouragement and cookies before they get started. Come on by and help cheer them on, and maybe play a couple rounds of Muscle March or something while we wait to get started.

See you this Friday!

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