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4/29/10: Tech Night Open House at 6pm

Starting at 6pm this Thursday, lots of Kendall Square tech companies and organizations will be opening their doors and running open houses, including GAMBIT, of course! Tech Night is free and open to the public. Several of the open houses will include special demonstrations, activities and refreshments appropriate for both adults and families.

We're going to keep it pretty chill, put some of our prototype games on the TV, pull out a bunch of board games, and eat a bunch of cookies. I'll give a tour or two, if people are interested. If you want to talk to folks who do game research and development for a living, come join us! We're on the third floor of 5 Cambridge Center. You can play our games here to get an idea about what to expect at our open house.

Google and VMware will also be having open houses on the 3rd and 10th floors respectively. Over on One Broadway (corner of Broadway and 3rd Street), Seeding Labs (11th floor) and HubSpot (5th floor) will show off their stuff, and Microsoft will be demoing their tech at their New England Research and Development Center. Also don't miss the ConstellationCenter open house (161 1st Street) and check out their work on performing arts technology. Pretty close by, Smile Line Dental Medicine (11 Binney Street) will be showing off lasers, X-rays, and 3D technologies for your mouth.

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