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Focus Testing at GAMBIT, April 16th 4 - 6 PM

What: Open Focus testing of Clockwork and carbon emissions game

When: Friday, April 16th, 4 - 6 PM.

Where: The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, 5 Cambridge Center, 3rd Floor (and if you speak MIT-building numbers, MIT NE 25, 3rd Floor.) Please introduce yourself as visitors to GAMBIT at the lobby desk when you arrive.

The Clockwork team would like to invite people to come and test their game this Friday. They are looking for video game players, ideally age 10 and up, of all inclinations and interests, to come play their game. Clockwork is a sandbox style evolution simulation game, based on work by Karl Sims.

A freshman team from Terrascope would also like players to test their prototype card game about carbon emissions. The game needs four players, and typically takes one to two hours to learn the rules and finish a full game.

We're looking for opinionated, open minded players; we are hoping to watch you play, and listen to your comments about the game. By finding out what you do - and don't like - about our games, we will them better experiences for everyone. Come in, and let us know how our games play!

We welcome both adults and children, but because we are a research lab, children who wish to test our games must be accompanied by an adult guardian, and bring (or complete on site) a Testing Consent form. Request one from gambit dash qa at mit dot edu, or just fill one out when you get here. It does require a parent or guardian's signature.

Please RSVP to gambit dash qa at mit dot edu, so that we know how many testers to expect.

Thank you!

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