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Friday Games: Gesamtkunstwerk

After a couple of weeks of conferences and big events, Friday Games at GAMBIT is back! We'll start at the usual time, 4pm in the GAMBIT TV Lounge, 5 Cambridge Center, 3rd Floor.

Given that ROFLcon is running right across the street, we're keeping it pretty simple this week. I'll be demoing Sakura Wars: So Long My Love in which you date girls piloting steam-powered mechs and put on Broadway musicals to save New York from demons. It's the first official US release in the series, featuring Japanese dialogue, English text, and very strange characterizations.

Instead of preparing a talk, I'll show some videos of the live-action stage musicals if people can handle the weirdness/awesome, and also riff on the Takarazuka stage tradition that inspired the games.

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