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GAMBIT Infects PAX EAST 2010 with PAX POX!

PAX East Logo Over the course of three days at PAX East 2010, 623 Certified Infectors spread four strains of PAX POX to 4428 people. On Sunday, we cured 1836 people with our +1 HP magic.

The student designers and GMs for the PAX POX project will be posting more details about the creation and running of the PAX POX game, along with downloadable versions of all of our materials, so anyone can run either this game, or a modified version, on their own.

For a glimpse in the day-by-day activities of GAMBIT at PAX East, check out these videos produced by Official GAMBIT Documentarian (and Outreach Coordinator) Generoso Fierro. You might notice a common theme at the beginning and end of each.

Day 1: PAX POX breaks out at the GAMBIT Island at PAX EAST 2010

DAY 2: PAX POX Infects 3,200 @ The GAMBIT Island at PAX EAST 2010!

DAY 3, PAX POX Must Now Be Cured @ The GAMBIT Island at PAX EAST 2010

For downloadable versions of these videos, plus other videos created at the GAMBIT Game Lab, check out our page on MIT's Tech TV.

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