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Friday Games: Starcraft II Arcade Play


So unless you've been under a rock, or perhaps don't follow game news, you have probably heard of this week's release of a little game called Starcraft II. Blizzard, the makers of another little franchise under the Warcraft moniker, waited over a decade to release their sequel to the still oft played Starcraft, and some of us at the lab feel that we should celebrate.

We will start the festivities with a small talk from Philip about the game, then we will set up a Starcraft II arcade, with two copies of the game running, on projectors, in separate rooms, so that people can play head to head. Winner will stay on to play the next opponent, with a maximum stay of 2 matches. In the TV lounge we will have the spectator mode of the contests on display, so people can roam freely from room to room enjoying the play.

Everything starts this Friday at 4:00, with Philip talking when we have enough listeners congregated.

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