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One Paragraph Review - Hell Night (AKA Dark Messiah)

This post originally appeared on Matt Weise's blog Outside Your Heaven.

Hell Night (PSX, 1999, 7-10 hrs) - A modestly budgeted, extremely fucking scary Japanese first-person horror game, in which you find yourself trapped in the Tokyo subway system being pursued by a single, relentless monster. Not released in the U.S., but translated to English in PAL regions, Hell Night (originally titled Dark Messiah in Japan) is a very unusual combination of Myst-style adventure game design, Ultima Underworld-style real-time exploration, and Japanese visual novel-style narrative design. If you can get past the somewhat awkward grafting together of these components, you will find the game rewarding in many wonderful ways. Highly recommended. Credits: Hiroyuki Tanaka (producer), Yutaka Fujimoto (planner), Hiroyuki Fujiwara (programmer), Hoshito Yukizawa (artist).

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