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Friday Games at GAMBIT: Halo Reach Forge World

So there's this new game on the market. Halo Reach. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe even played it. But have you tried Forge World?

A couple of years ago, we tore the shrinkwrap off Halo 3 and found the Forge level editor to be clunky, but usable. In particular, the Infection game mode inspired us to use the tools to create a shambling zombie game, which resulted in a dramatically different feel to Halo 3 due to its deliberate pacing. This was tested in real-time by the attendees of Friday Games at GAMBIT, iteratively making changes and tweaks with each round. In retrospect, this was pretty much GAMBIT's first game jam.

We're going to try it again... starting with a blank map, adding some items or making some changes, playing a round, lather, rinse, repeat. We may just end up with a deathmatch arena or seeing how high we can launch vehicles into the air, or we may end up with something special. Who knows?

Join us at 4pm at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab this Friday and see what happens!

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