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Play our summer game prototypes!
You can now play the games we made this summer! Six teams, six games, with a seventh still in development. Overwhelmed by choice? Here's a quick guide to get you started. If you're interested in:
  • Psychological health: Try Elude
  • Procedurally-generated adventure games: Try Symon
  • Games for learning: Try Poikilia
  • Artificial intelligence: Read up on Improviso
  • An interpretation of the Classics: Try Seer
  • An interpretation of the Classics requiring less twitch-skill: Try Yet One Word
  • Figuring it all out all by yourself: Try Afterland
The dev teams of our summer games did a big reveal of the games in Singapore yesterday, and you can read the press release here. It details some of the achievements of GAMBIT in the past year, including startup companies in Singapore, competition awards, and a high rate of employment. Meanwhile, our US alumni at Fire Hose Games are preparing to demo Slam Bolt Scrappers at PAX 2010 this weekend. And the academic year is just getting started.

It's an exciting time at GAMBIT!

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