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Deadly Premonition Is "Interesting" with GAMBIT Lead Game Designer Matthew Weise: Video

On Friday September 17th, 2010 GAMBIT Lead Game Designer Matthew Weise spoke before a packed house during a Friday Games At GAMBIT and proclaimed that Access Games' new offering "DEADLY PREMONITION" is "interesting" and even during one verbal frenzy describes the game as ..."good". The game has received wildly mixed reviews from variety of websites. "Destructoid" describes the game as such: "Deadly Premonition is like watching two clowns eat each other." Matthew Weise vigorously scrutinized this game during this 45 minute entertaining rampage at the GAMBIT lab which is now here for you to watch on glorious video! Video Produced by Generoso Fierro , Edited by Garrett Beazley.

Deadly Premonition Is "Interesting"


Click here to download Deadly Premonition is "Interesting" for iPod/iPhone



You know, I was just about to go to bed after a full day of looking for Deadly Premonition content to add to my website when I stumbled across this video at the last minute. Now I can look forward to about four hours of sleep. Thanks a lot, Mr. Weise. Most of what you said in the video will no doubt be familiar to those of use who are already huge fans of the game, but there were many insightful comments made and I hope to share them with those who agree with your statement that unpolished ambition is a lot more interesting than technically advanced same-old. If you ever feel the need to write something expanding on the ideas you put forth in this video... Do drop me a line! By the way, I found this from your comment on Chris' Survival Horror Quest website.

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