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Greetings! We have made some games for you!

Poikilia - Colors, Mazes, Comics

Symon - Dreams, Puzzles, Change

Afterland - Collecting, Jumping, Expectations

Seer - Light, Truth, Ducks

Yet One Word - Reflection, Clouds, Typing

elude - Singing, Birds, Depression

Improviso - Movies, Aliens, Artificial Intelligence

Pierre: Insanity Inspired - Dodging, Collecting, Rudeness

Thanks for visiting the GAMBIT exhibit at the MIT Museum.

You did already visit the exhibit, right? You're not just stumbling on this page randomly? Good good.

We'll be featuring seven games throughout the course of the exhibit that were made last summer, as well as Pierre: Insanity Inspired, which is part of an ongoing data collection project. Rummage through them above. Each page has information on the game, the research behind it, and links to any blog posts, rants, or raves written about it.

Oh, and you can play the games there too.

Show us some love by tweeting @GambitGameLab, subscribing to our blog, following us on Facebook, or dropping a comment below. Thanks for checking us out!

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