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EXTINCTION - Global Game Jam 2011, Day 2

In my last post, I gave the pitch titles for the games and wondered if anyone could figure out the theme based on them. Our theme is: EXTINCTION. Which is oddly dark considering we got the theme after seeing Keita Takahashi's, um, inventive keynote. Which I am now allowed to show you:

Later tonight, I'll post the games. I've been able to play a few of them today, and I must say I am impressed by the level of quality and quantity that our jammers have maintained this year!

For now, here are some quick photos I took while I tried to stay out of the jammers way. We'll post more to our Facebook and Flickr pages after the Jam.

GGJ11 - The Aftermath of Prototyping Non-digital GamesThe Aftermath of Prototyping Non-digital Games

Not all non-digital board games use a board! Some use a napkin. And plates. And ice.Not all non-digital board games use a board! Some use a napkin. And plates. And ice

GGJ11 - Prototyping a Digital Game (and designing levels)Don't disturb the level designer!

Makin' Art! Programming. Art. Audio. (Design). With these things, games you can make.

Looking at computer screens, deeply.

Some of our games have their own Twitter feeds. Try these: @twitapocalypse and @savepunk

Our stream is still live, tune in now to watch the activity increase until the 3PM turn in time and from 3:30pm until 5:00pm when we'll be presenting all of our games.

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