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Presenting our new Starcraft 2 maps!

Our team of Starcraft map-makers has spent the past two weeks crafting these maps for today's 2v2 Tournament. We posted the rules for the tournament in our last post. Live video of the tournament (in progress today from 1pm until 6pm) is posted after the break, but first, the maps:

Aiur Floodplains
Aiur Floodplains.jpg
An island map. Note that there are two ramps up into your main base, one facing the expansion and a second facing your ally. The island expansions are small, but large enough for drops.

Mind the multiple paths around this map: through the middle, around the middle platform, or around the edge platforms. LOS blockers around your first expansion help prevent ranged units from attacking your workers.

Broad Channels

Broad Channels.jpg
Xel'Naga watchtowers allow for vision of starting points and natural expansions. Players will have to push forward to grab the expansions in the middle of the map, with high-yield minerals overlooked by two center watchtowers.

Friendobot's Space Platform
Friendobot's Space Platform.jpg
Friendobot's Space Platform is a big map with long rush distances and well protected naturals. Further expansion moves toward the middle of the map with golds in highly a highly contested middle area with more expansions off the middle platform. It also has fireworks and a few too many critters.

Rocky spires surround main bases and natural expansions that will require teammates to work together for effective defense. Third expansions are close to the enemy with a small 10-mineral patch blocking narrow causeways. Rich mineral fields and Xel'naga towers surround a giant hole in the center.

New Holland Island
New Holland Island.jpg
Your first expansions are close together, but watch the destructible rocks. Hold the middle, if you can.

Players start high above the landscape and expand their way downwards to the battlefield. Destructible rocks block alternate lanes of attack, while high-yield expansions in the center can provide another clifftop foothold for an offensive push.

Trinity Test Site
Trinity Test Site.jpg
Three teams of two battle for control of the rich central mineral fields around a crater blasted by a weapon from a long forgotten war.

Xel'Naga Void
Xel'naga Void.jpg
Two teams battle over an abandoned rich mineral field among the ruins of two Xel'Naga temples. Distances are short by air but long by ground, although clearing the central path of destructible rocks can open a direct route of attack.

The tournament starts at 1pm today:

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