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Replays from last week's StarCraft 2 tournament


Wrapping up last week's StarCraft 2 map-making course and 2v2 tournament on the new maps, we've now collected all the replays for anyone who wants to take a closer look at the action earlier in the week. There was also a livecast of the tournament with commentary. Unfortunately, I kept forgetting to hit "record" and as a result, most of them are lost to the aether, but the portions that were recorded can be viewed on the Ustream page.

Thanks to Owen Macindoe who helped to pair off all the teams between rounds and make our first StarCraft 2 tournament run really smoothly. Kudos must also go to Jason Begy and Michael Lin, who made the new maps with Owen and I. Of course, special thanks to Sean Plott for Skyping in twice in the week and giving us lots of valuable feedback. Rik Eberhardt and Mike Rapa put in a huge amount of work getting two dozen machines set up with SC2 way ahead of time. Finally, a big thanks to the participants of the tournament, who made themselves willing subjects for our deranged cartography. We hope you had lots of fun, and let's do it again soon!

Download the replays here!

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