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Play games at RISD Game Show gallery opening this Thursday, January 6th at 6PM

GAMBIT Art Director Jason Beene writes:

I just wrapped up the "Making Play" class at RISD's illustration department and I have to say the students produced some amazing work! We focused on non digital games, but would never call these games "traditional"...the students tackled everything from whimsical games for younger audiences (Peter Pan, Cupcake Baking), to games centered around unique IP's like "Dante's Inferno", Pink Floyd's "The Wall", Lovecraft's "Call of Cthulhu", and "Hamlet". Some young designers even stretched the notion of gameplay to incorporate game mechanics that touch on such topics as Bipolar Disorder, and the spreading of Cholera. We had a blast and wanted to have the chance to share these unique gameplay experiences with folks outside of the classroom... we invite you to join us for our unique gallery show where you can get your game on! "The Game Show" will open on Thursday Jan 6th and 6pm. You'll find us playing in RISD's illustration building on the canal in Providence...hope to see you there!

If you miss Thursday, the work will be up until the 16th.

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