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The Global Game Jam 2011 at GAMBIT - Day 1

We are live from now until midnight, and will be back online at 9am tomorrow morning!

The day started at 5pm with the following keynote, given in unimitable fashion by Keita Takashi (star creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy). I'll post the keynote and the theme to the Jam tomorrow, once it's been made public for all of the other Jam sites.

We have 60 people participating, and after 4 hours of conversation and ideation, we settled into 13 teams making 14 games.

Here are their unofficial codenames. Can you guess the theme?

  • I <3 Humans

  • Unlearn

  • Human Chains

  • Game of Unlife

  • Ice Breakers

  • @TwitApocalypse

  • Keep Earth Habitable

  • Save the Music

  • Extinction of Light

  • The Last Honeybee

  • Strut

  • Reverse Space Invaders

  • Ice Age Cleanup Crew

  • Gorilla Scavenger Hunt

I'll be moving our roaming camera between the 7 rooms of activity as the weekend continues, as well as post photos and updates on the progress of these games.

Thanks for today's event goes to the following people who've given me support for organizing this event:

Generoso Fierro: for shooting video, meal planning, and general advice
Mike Rapa: for setting up the lab
Philip Tan: for finding our 2009 and 2010 games and showing them off
Mari Miyachi: for taking pictures
Clara Fernandez-Vara: for taking pictures and help wrangling the jammers
Courtney Stanton: for help wrangling the jammers and keeping them on target
Darren Torpey: for sending people (sponsors/press) my way
Alex Schwartz: for also sending people my way

and of course, thanks to the global organizers for the Global Game Jam:
Ian Schrieber
Foad Khosmood
Gorm Lai

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