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Early Sketches

Here are some early sketches from one of the first milestones in the development for Symon. There is some interesting stuff in there, and I think you can see that, even early on, the developers of the game had some pretty clear ideas for how it could look and play.

I especially like the notes written on the first sketch. It nicely illustrates the dynamic nature of game design. Nothing comes out right immediately, there is always some difficult questioning and plenty of trial and error.

chr_concept1.jpegDavier2.jpegdavier3.jpegDsketch1.jpegDsketch2.jpegobj_concept1.jpegSektch 01.jpgSektch 02.jpgSketch 03.JPG

Thanks for reading. Please come back tomorrow for some more exclusive behind the scenes materials from the development of Symon.

right edge
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