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Poikilia Paper Prototypes

An often overlooked important part of the development process is paper prototyping. At GAMBIT, before a single line of code is written, teams will build physical prototypes of various ideas to quickly and simply test out mechanics and systems. Paper prototypes help to mitigate some of the risk during later stages of the development process because ideas have already been tested and, in most instances, tweaked. Here are some shots of physical prototypes for Poikilia:


What is not shown in these shots is that most of these prototypes were played with flashlights and colored gels of the kind used in theater productions. With that in mind, I think you can see how these maps relate to the final mechanics of the game. If you haven't played Poikilia yet, what are you waiting for?



I've just seen some youtube videos with Poikilia but I am planning to play this game. However, on the paper is difficult to imagine the final look of the new version of the game. I still wait to see how will look Poikilia at the end. :)

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